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Welcome to Wikstrom’s Specialty Foods.  

Specializing in Swedish food, Swedish cooking, Swedish Christmas Food, Swedish Breads, Wikstrom's Swedish Meatballs, and other Scandinavian cuisines.  Our Scandinavian butik was open for 47 years in Andersonville, Chicago, IL.   Currently we are only online.   Swedish food online, Norwegian food online, Swedish Gift baskets & catering of Swedish foods, Wikstrom's Herring.       

Bringing Sweden’s Best foods right to your doorstep. Try our famous Glogg spices, Swedish meatballs, Limpa bread, Cardamom Coffee Cake, Princekorv, Potato Sausage, Goteborg Summer Sausage, Ring Bologna-Falukorv, Sweet Rye Bread, Sju sorter kakor, Swedish herring, Fresh Lingonberries, Julekaka, and Swedish coffee.  We have traditional Swedish food made just like grandmas in your Swedish Kitchen.  We have Scandinavian Gift Baskets and Scandinavian Gifts.